ETP Plants

Effluent Treatment Plant
CXL TITON, provides Effluent Treatment Plants with efficient and effective processes which is not only help to improve the quality of outlet but also consumed less electricity for reused or released to a sanitary sewer or surface water in the environment. We are providing technical treatability studies before design the plant to check the suitability of process for particular effluent or sewage waste and meet the standard parameter output as per government norms. We undertake turnkey projects of various capacities as per our client requirement.
• Platting Industries
• Chemical Industries
• Dairy Firm
• Textiles
• Automobiles
• Sugar Mills
• Leather Industries
• Paper Mills
• Pharmaceuticals

Operation & Maintenance
We carry out O & M contracts for waste water treatment Plants of various industries, commercial waste large housing societies, educational institutes, hospitals and many more. We provide trained and experienced technician round the clock for O & M. Our engineers ensure optimum and right usage of chemicals, consumabales and timely replacement of spare parts along with all statutory requirements.

Features of CXL ETP’s & STP’s
A. Very Cost Effective ETP STP Plants
B. Automizable Designs
C. Customizable according to your Needs
D. Compact Designs
E. 0% Discharge ETP STP Plants
F. Use Residue in various Application
G. Easy Operation & Maintenance
H. Online Monitoring System