ETP / STP Plants

As everyone is well aware of the fact that water is an essential element on this planet, the growing need for drinking water has even let the qualities of water being pure and safe diminished. It has been a dire need today and for the generations for the water to be saved and recycled effectively.

STP/ETP are the most effective methods of recycling water. Water either from sewerage, industrial waste or any mixed impurities can be recycled through this method and can be very well used in washing, gardening or drinking.

CXL manufactures and installs ETP & STP plants all over India from 5KLD to 1,000KLD according to the customer needs.


Now CXL also researched and developed the real time water quality online monitoring system for effluent discharge by ETP and STP plants measuring & monitoring parameters such as BOD, COD, TSS, Ph and other 15 parameters transmission of online data with compliance to SPCB / PCC as well as CPCB.